"father, why do you cry?"


when u borrow something really cool from a friendimage

benefits of reblogging from me: i've already removed someones shitty comment on that post

why am i getting iconless blogs following me?? is this a new virus?

Jessica Lange + characters names

Hi hi ❤️☺♣️♦️

♥ - my tracked tags.

SUPERWHOLOCK lmao no jk, just #stansalot

☺ - my first url.

this is v embarrassing omg it was “Goldleafdiaries”

♣ - my saved urls.

 I have a couple of Foxes blogs saved, idek why. I think one of them is these-fading-beats

♦ - my current tumblr crushes.

Stansalot’s Tumblr Crushes:

  1. subarbievol
  2. sextronautt
  3. ihavemyownperfection
  4. importantblogger
  5. bitchplastic
  6. gagasclit
  7. donatellaz
  8. marinajaneholland
  9. stereoworkxxx

Me w/ my sugar daddy


Me w/ my sugar daddy

my name is Anas

and I stan too much for way too many people